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Amanda Matelonek

Executive Summary

Recognized brandGood standingIncrease innovation and communicationWatch out for competitors Legal team standings

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Technical support / Mechanics Announcements / release Gamers TeamPiracy/ Legal teamMiscellaneous (invincibility stars)

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Questions about NintendoNintendo Life

Questions about NintendoMy Nintendo News

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Questions about Nintendo

Questions about Nintendo

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Persona Profile ● Name: Kenneth Jones● Age: 22 years old ● Location: Los Angeles, CA● Profession: UCLA student ● Hobbies

○ Video games○ Hanging with friends○ Conventions

● Product Needs○ Grew up playing video games and the Nintendo

console. Engages in tournaments online

Kain Productions

SWOT Analysis

● Strengths○ Strong brand recognition○ Multiple consoles and games○ Patented games and genres

● Weakness○ Multiple audiences with limited amount of time○ Limited Budget○ Nintendo is not producing new genres

SWOT Analysis

● Opportunities○ Patenting games for apps ○ New ideas for conventions and innovation○ New games, new markets

● Threats ○ Illegal downloads○ Viruses ○ Growing competitors and indie projects


● Keep engaging with customers● Issue convention dates ● Creativity is not limited● Approach multiple audiences● Report issue of Gamersgate● Report issue of downloading

Sources & Methods Transparency

September 17, 2014 - December 1,2014

Twitter ( IGN, My Nintendo News, Nintendo Life ) Blogs, Twingly, Nintendo Forum

“Nintendo”, “MyNintendoNews”, Nintendo Life” Nintendo :( , Nintendo :)

Sysomos, Twitter Search, Hootsuite, Viz Sentiment, Google Search, Wordle, Twingly

English only

English only

Manual Sampling: 3- pt scale. Positive, Negative and Neutral