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Federation of Transport, Communications and Sea of the Workers’ General Union of Castilla y Leon, Spain. Pedro Aller Fernández María Valdivieso Barrio

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  • Federation of Transport, Communications and Sea of the Workers General Union of Castilla y Leon, Spain.Pedro Aller Fernndez Mara Valdivieso Barrio

  • Who we are?Federation of Transport, Communications and Sea (TCM) of the Workers General Union (UGT) of Castilla y Leon (CyL), Spain.Private and nonprofit organization.UGT is one of the most representative trade unions at national level in transport sector TCM look after workers rights and working conditions.We put special attention in subjects such as: risk prevention, e-learning, continuous training and road safety.

  • Were we are?ValladolidSpainCastilla y Len

  • Little History UGT transport workers were organized since the early twentieth century. Now, UGT are established in the whole Spanish territory.In Castilla y Leon, TCM was established on 18 and 19 of May 1997. In 1998, was elected Secretary General: Pedro Fernndez Aller.Currently we has about:1,000,000 affiliated workers at national level.70,000 affiliated members at regional level.5,000 affiliated members at TCM CyL.

  • What can we offer ?We have a deep experience in transport, communications and see sector:National level: More than 30 publications recognised.International level: TCM has promoted four Leonardo da Vinci Projects.TCM counts with a wide network of professional contacts.We can ensure the dissemination of the expected results.We specialize in different issues, such as:Risks prevention.Training.Road safety.

  • We look for:TCM are interested in participate like a partner in any kind of projects in transport and communications sector, or work in general topics like risk prevention, e-learning, training and road safety.

  • Our publicationsDuring the last years we have developed a great work with regards to training and learning.TCM-CyL has edited more than 30 publications recognised by several public bodies, professional associations, universities and training centres.

  • Our projectsFrom a transnational point of view, TCM has many years of experience in promoting, manage and coordinate different Leonardo da Vinci Projects, such as:In 2006: CT-TRANS: Harmonised Continuous Training for Road Transport Sector according to Directive 2003/59/ECIn 2007: NEO-TRAN: New Learning Environments for the Innovative Management of Transport and LogisticsIn 2008: EUROTRANSLOG: The EURO TRANS LOG project concerns the logistics sector linked to transport (supply and distribution).In 2009: INMETT: Innovative Training Methodologies for Transport Trainers.

  • For further informationOur organization: http://tcmugtcyl.orgOur projects: http://www.portare.orgOur publications:

  • Find us in:Skype: pedro.tcm / maria.tcm

    Facebook: Tcm Ugt CylTwitter:TCMUGTCyLSlideshare: tcmugtcyl

    [email protected] [email protected]

  • Thank you very much for your attention