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BQ's presentation for EPAC.


bq: The history of a spanish companyJerome hettiarachchi PereraPablo san jos villarHello, my name is Jeroma. bra brawe are going to talk about bq, as you know the famous smartphone spanish company. How many of you own or have ever owned a bq smartphone? Are you happy with it? Why did you get it in first place? Thats the point, they are cheap but good quality, the to great values of bq sobq: The history of spanish companyIndexFoundersHow it was foundedElectronic bookSmartphones3D printersbq facts and dataCurrent projectsFuture

We are going to get to know those values. First of all in this presentation we are going to analyze bqs history. We are going to talk about their founders, the process of its foundation and how they started to develop electronic books at first and the smartphones. That first part will almost a history class.Then we are going to talk about other less known bq projects as the 3d printers and their current projects. We are going to present some data about employees, revenue and that stuff, and also we would like to take a look through the future of the The history of spanish companyFoundersAlberto Mndez CEO in bq.

David Bjar CFO in bq.

*Ask the people about the meaning of the CEOetcHe didnt get the University Degree. Albertos life is between Chinas Factory and the main office in Spain.David bjar: We couldnt find in all the internet a single foto of david bjar. Its a very mysterious guy, like batman or somethingCEO Chief executive officer. CFO Chief financial officer. CTO Chief technical officer. bq: The history of spanish companyFoundersRodrigo del Prado: Managing Director in bqAdn Muoz: Head of Product Development in bq.Ravn Dhalani: CTO in bq. Ivn Snchez: Head of Research in bq

CEO Chief executive officer. CFO Chief financial officer. CTO Chief technical officer.One fun fact. We have a friend who works in the development department for iOS in bq. And when we were preparing this presentation, I show him this slide telling him look, these are youre bosses man and he told I had to write a email to this dude the other day because we didnt have lactose-free milk. So Ivan Snchez is the head of research but also the guy who gets the milk for the The history of spanish companyHow it was foundedIn 2005 Star TIC Innovation was foundedThey sold custom made pendrivesIn 2009 they bought their own factory in China

They met at uni.At first the company wasn't called bq outsourcedWell economic situation by that time in Spain and they took advantage of that They grow up at certain point they werent able to accomplish the delivery times

bq: The history of spanish companyElectronic bookLuarna Ediciones, owned by Antonio Quirs, ask the company for a collaboration.They founded Mundo Reader S.L.Their first product: booq Classicbooq" - oo" bq

How star tic innovation became bq. It was thanks to this man: Antonio Quiros, the owner of Luarna ediciones. They were the first ones to get the distribution rights of digital books in pdf but there werent many devices to read them. So Antonio Quirs, father of one of the main partners of Star TIC Innovation, asked them to do a collaboration. That was the beginning of the new association of this two companies. Together they created Mundo Reader S.L. Their first product, an electronic book, was named booq Classic. The company got an important part of the electronic books market. In 2010, they aimed to new products, the tablets. They change the name of the brand to bq

bq: The history of spanish companySmartphonesIn the summer of 2012 bq began working on their first smartphone In 2013 the bq Aquaris 4.5 was launched Features:ARM Dual Core Cortex A9 1GHz1 GB RAM1,600 mAh of battery

In the summer of 2012 .The company wanted to aim to this new market because the main telephone operators were starting to remove their terminals subvention programs and the interest among the users of having a good cheap smartphone grew. In Spain there weren't an important competition in this market because companies such as Huawei and ZTE hadnt an important presence in the country yet. bq had a lot of experience seeing tabletsThey release in 2013 the aquaria 4.5 featuresbq: The history of spanish companybq factory tests

bq: The history of spanish companybq factory tests

bq: The history of spanish companynowdaysTwo main values:Good price quality ratio Great customer servicebq doesnt advertise

In order to compete with the biggest brands in the market, bq has invested in two main things since its creation: good price quality ratio and a great customer service. bq kepis the prices low by no advertising. They made their mobiles in china, which also saves a lot of many but also they save a lot by no advertising. This tactic gives bq a huge advantage in terms of price over its opponents in the market as Samsung for instance, whose brand spends a lot of money on marketing.

And (next diapo)With a customer service you can ruin yourself one of two ways, a fast one and a slow oneRodrigo del Pradobq: The history of spanish companyThe fast one is by giving the same customer service level forever. It is easy to run out of money because the benefits arent enough to cover the past problems. The slow one is decreasing the customer service level so the clients gets mad because you dont repair their products. bq was aware hat with cheap products there was a lot of possibilities of something going wrong, so bq invested in giving their clients a great support. However, as they began doing smartphones and having more options on the personalization of their products, the cost of maintaining their products decreased. So bq started giving the same customer service but with less people, saving a lot of money there. bq: The history of spanish companyNumber of employees

bq: The history of spanish companyrevenue

bq: The history of spanish companyProduct lines

bq: The history of spanish companysmartphones sales

bq: The history of spanish company3d printersIn 2013, bq launched the WitboxMade and designed 100% in SpainInvestment in Octoprint software

bq: The history of spanish companycurrent projects Cervantes 3, the new ebookNew operating system, Cyanogen OSbq educational robot - Zowiebq bitloq

bq: The history of spanish companybq bitbloq

bq: The history of spanish companyBq innovation

bq: The history of spanish companyFutureStrong competition between chinese brandsAquarius E5 FHD, Aquarius E6 and Aquarius E10 are not going to be updated and developedWill bq invest in marketing?2016 will not be a good yearThank youAny questions?